Welcome to -Business Promotion Services-

What is the -Business Promotion Services-?

-Business Promotion Services- of DigiAtlas offers the possibility to market or promote your business and services preferentially through all DigiAtlas pages. This will improve your online presence if you place your sponsored ad on the right side on our webpages.
All visitors to DigiAtlas webpages are automatically geo-located, and if they are near to your business location, your Advertising will be shown on the right side of the website.
This service is designed to show professional and business opportunities, in function of the geographical closeness between the advertiser and the visitor. In addition, it's too intended to work well on modern mobile browsers.
What are the benefits to your business?

DigiAtlas is an online company that since 1996 provides digital mapping services. In all these long years we have accumulated extensive experience in the area of E-commerce, and we have obtained a very good position in the major search engines.

We offer all this experience to provide a range of benefits through our -Business Promotion Services-, among which are:

  • To market and promote your services through all pages of DigiAtlas site, which with over 600,000 unique visitors per year will help you to attract more visitors and thus, potential new customers.

    All this, through our system to highlight your business Advertising to our visitors who are close to your geographical location.

  • To increase your online presence. Regardless if you have or not your own website, it is a fact that the improve your online presence through your business geolocation, will always become positive. And it's a reality that 'Google Maps' is the most popular system to find companies and suppliers.
  • Facilitate your Internet presence. Regardless of whether or not you already have your own domain site on the web, It is a fact that improving your online presence, through the geolocalization of your business, will always be positive. And it is a reality that 'Google Maps' is the most widely used system to find companies and suppliers.

What are the terms and conditions of -Business Promotion Services-?

You can insert your advertising and it will remain active for 6 or 12 months.

In addition we will give you a map you choose from the list of available maps in JPG or PDF format.

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