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About forms of payment

For your convenience, you may choose the form of payment that you prefer from among the following:

1- Via CaixaBank and PayPal online secure server. These options allows you to pay with most credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, 4B). Your personal information is handled with complete SECURITY by the bank, always encoded as it travels through Internet. The encoding process is based on a system of double codes in which information is encoded both at the bank end and at the shop end. These codes only work together, which ensures not only confidentiality but also the authenticity of both parties in the process. The bank checks the card against its own database, in the same way that it is done in a shop by running it through the magnetic reader.

Whether or not the card is accepted after the check, the user will receive a message on screen telling him or her the result. But only in the event that the card is accepted will the shop receive a message of authentication and be able to close the order and make delivery of the products asked for.

 credit card Visa, Mastercard, Euro6000


2- Direct on-line payment may be made using the PayPal service which accepts VISA, Master Card, or American Express credit cards as well as payment directly from a PayPal account. Payments are handled by PayPal's secure WEB servers. Any credit card or bank account information used for the transaction is kept private by PayPal and not supplied to us.

PayPal is a secure on-line credit card processing company with more than 31 million users world wide and over 42,000 shops on-line use it. Available in 38 countries around the world, millions of buyers and sellers, online retailers and businesses, and traditional offline businesses are using PayPal for online payments.

PayPal developed the world's most advanced proprietary fraud-prevention system to ensure the security of any personal or transactional information in the payment network.


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