Digital cartography: Digitalized and vectorized maps and plans what is?
  • Cartographic sources for companies and graphic designers in vectorized files (PDF y Adobe Illustrator).
  • Maps of all Autonomous Communities and provinces os Spain, with municipalities borders, cities, towns and 5-digit postal code areas.
  • Maps of Europe and their countries with inner administrative division and 2-digit (or more in some cases) postal code areas.
  • Street plans with their postal districts.
  • Vectorized cartography of urban areas, covering towns and cities around the world, although mostly in Spain, drawing streets and squares, blocks of houses and green zones, with colors and names. A map index grid and a street name index are available as an option.
  • Road maps, physical, political, customized themathic maps
  • Offers and map-collections with special prices and high discounts.
  • All DigiAtlas maps are available in editable vectorized file-format (Adobe Illustrator) and Acrobat PDF, to work directly on screen, use for Web design or to print while preserving an appropriate level of quality for each use.
  • All drawing elements are grouped in a separate fully editable layers, to be able to modify and personalize colors, names and graphic styles.
  • The acquisition of maps means that you must have the appropriate graphic applications to edit the files.
  • The delivery of our maps in digital format involves no restriction to edit and print them. Only map data transfer or resale to third parties is prohibited in any digital format.
  • Digital maps ready and prepared to print to the desired size with maximum resolution and unlimited number of copies.
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    Torrevieja-Pilar de la Horadada (province of Alicante, Spain) - city map

    -Size of the map: 150x200 cm
    -Download formats: Adobe PDF

    Torrevieja-Pilar de la Horadada (province of Alicante, Spain) - city map

    Vector-file map from Torrevieja to Pilar de la Horadada (province of Alicante, Valencian Community, Spain). Vectorized map in Acrobat PDF format.

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    DigiAtlas Pack Subscription. Download up to 10 maps of your choice

    Download formats: Adobe Illustrator, PDF

    DigiAtlas Pack Subscription

    'DigiAtlas Pack Subscription' is a Special Offer that allows you to download up to 10 maps of your choice, from all those available in our catalog labeled with 'Download by DigiAtlas Pack Subscription'.
    Worldmaps, maps of continents and countries, physical and political cartography, roadmaps of spain and their autonomous communities, provinces and specific areas, postal code maps, street maps and plans, posters...
    You can access whenever you want to download the maps. Savings of up to 90% on the price of many maps.
    See the Whole List of the available maps in 'DigiAtlas Pack Subscription'

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  • Two vector files are downloaded for each map: one in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format, fully editable, which allows you to modify and customize colors, texts and styles. Another in Acrobat PDF format for to print at desired size with highest quality. In both versions you will be able to view and/or hide different layers
  • of information to generate custom maps.
  • Maps in vectorized format are designed for companies and graphic designers so that they use as a cartographic basis, to establish distribution and sales areas, transport routes, advertising brochures, communication and marketing strategies, etc.
  • The acquisition of the maps implies that you must have the appropriate graphic applications to be able to edit the files.
  • Once you have subscribed, while browsing our site by looking for a map, you simply "click" the "Download by DigiAtlas Pack Subscription »" label of the desired map, then you must enter the email and password that was used to fill the registration form.
  • You will be able to save the digital map files into your hard disk and see the remaining maps at all times.
  • See the Whole List of the available maps in "DigiAtlas Pack Subscription"
  • For any doubt or inquiry, please do not hesitate to Contact DigiAtlas.

    Cada día DigiAtlas selecciona aleatoriamente hasta tres mapas de su catálogo online y los ofrece a un precio muy rebajado respecto a su coste habitual.

    Estos mapas cambian cada 24 horas. Si alguno de ellos encaja con sus proyectos, aproveche esta ocasión para obtener mapas digitales a un precio realmente especial.


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