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Alicante province zip code population regla Alicante

Digital map of postcodes of the province of Alicante/Alacant with the number of inhabitants of each area or postal district.

Together with the map in PDF format you can also download an Excel file with the list of postcodes and demographic data for the whole province of Alicante.

Excel file structure: idcp - CCAA - Province - County - Municipality - COD_INE (INE Code) - POSTCODE - Coord_X_ce - Coord_Y_ce - Total_habs - Men_Total - Women_Total.

Optionally, you can add the breakdown in five-year bands (every 5 years) for each sex.
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-Download formats:
Excel, Acrobat PDF



-More information:
-You can complete the purchase of this database of population by zip code, with the access for a whole year to the web application Zip Code Searcher by radius, which will allow you to access the data from a comfortable and easy to use interface, visualizing the information on maps.

-You can also request a quote » to modify this map and adapt it to your projects.

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