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Gijón - city map with postal codes regla gijon

Digital street map of Gijón (Principality of Asturias) with urban area delineation, municipal boundaries, postcode limits, and street and square names. Poster size map 1189x841 cm (A0).
The cartography of the municipality is delivered in Adobe Illustrator vector format and in Acrobat PDF, both organised in separate layers, fully editable or to print directly at the desired size, always with the highest resolution.
The vector format of the files allows, for example, to cut out and enlarge certain areas of the map to create working copies or print them at high quality, hide and/or display different layers of information to generate personalised versions of the plans, modify colours and styles to adapt them to the preferred ones, add more layers of information, such as logos, etc.
The delivery of our maps in digital format does not imply any restriction to edit and print them. It is only forbidden to transfer or resell them to third parties in any kind of digital format.

-Original measurements:
1189x841 cm (A0) (Fully resizable vector file for High-quality printing).

-Download formats:
Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat PDF


-You can also request a quote » to modify this map and adapt it to your projects.

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