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Map of Madrid autonomous community with municipalities and postal codes regla madrid

Map of postcodes of the Community of Madrid

Complete package of several digital files with the mapping of the postcodes of the entire Community of Madrid, in different formats and together with information on the NUMBER OF INHABITANTS IN EACH POSTCODE.

Maps of municipalities and postcodes are optimised for establishing commercial areas, distribution and sales zones, delivery routes, graphic design projects, advertising, etc.

Updated to the current year, we are constantly improving the maps by working on the official WMS services of Correos, continuously and manually, province by province. The information on the population by postcode comes from crossing this mapping of postcodes with that of census sections of the INE (National Statistics Institute) and the portals of the IGN (National Geographic Institute), which together with the statistical population data of the INE gives the resulting information an excellent level of accuracy and granularity. Optionally, you can request the inclusion of more segmented information: by sex, age groups, origin, income level, etc.

In addition, you will be able to download the maps from a personalised page on DigiAtlas for a full year from the date of purchase, so you will always have the most up-to-date version of the maps and all the associated population data at your fingertips.
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-Original measurements:
59x42 cm (A2) (Fully resizable vector file for High-quality printing).

-Download formats:
Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat PDF, Shapefile, KML, Excel


-More information:
A compressed file (.zip) containing a folder with the following files is downloaded:

1- Digital map in vector format Adobe Illustrator (.ai), showing the municipalities, their capitals, cities and towns organised according to their number of inhabitants, district boundaries of the capital and the areas of all 5-digit postcodes. The map is 100% editable and is organised in separate layers that can be displayed and/or hidden to generate customised versions of the map, as well as to adapt colours, texts and styles, highlight municipalities, postcodes and obtain different types of customised maps.

2- The same map in Acrobat PDF vectorized format, also organised in layers, for easy viewing on screen and printing directly at the desired size, always with the highest resolution and print quality.

3- Cartography in Shapefile and KML format with the population of each postcode. The database includes the postcode, autonomous community, province, municipality, centroid coordinates and the number of inhabitants broken down by sex and five-year age groups.

4- Excel file with the number of inhabitants of each postcode. File structure: idpc - CCAA - Province - Municipality - Comarca (County) - CP - xcoord - ycoord - Total inhabitants - Total men - Total women - age ranges (five-year age groups) for each sex.


-You can also request a quote » to modify this map and adapt it to your projects.

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