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Portugal - Population by 7-digit postal code regla portugal

Excel file with the inhabitants by 7-digit postcodes of Portugal.
Demographic data for Portugal. Approximate population of each 7-digit postal code point in whole Portugal. (mainland and autonomous archipelagos of Azores and Madeira).
Available in Excel format (file structure: CP7 - Localidad - Calle/Rua - Desig_Post - Freguesia - Concelho - Distrito - H_0_14 - H_15_24 - H_25_64 - H_65_mas - H_total - M_0_14 - M_15_24 - M_25_64 - M_65_mas - M_total - HM_0_14 - HM_15_24 - HM_25_64 - HM_65_mas - HM_total).

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