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 Spain - postal codes by municipality and comarca regla españa

Complete Excel file with all the Postal Codes of Spain, along with the corresponding municipality, county and geographic coordinates. With 15,247 zip code areas, it is the definitive guide to locate any place in Spain.

Looking for a complete list of Spanish postal codes by municipality? Look no further. Our Excel file contains all the information you need, including zip code, municipality, province, comarca, autonomous community, geographic coordinates of the centroid and the area in square kilometers. Whether you are a researcher, business or entrepreneur, this valuable resource will save you time and effort. Don't miss out on this essential tool for your projects. Get your copy today and take your data analysis to the next level.

The Excel file structure contains the following fields: idcp (unique identifier of each postal area) - CCAA - PROVINCE - COUNTY - MUNICIPALITY - COD_INE (municipal code of the National Institute of Statistics) - COD_POSTAL - xcoord - ycoord (coordinates of the centroid of each postal area) - areakm2.
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This complete list of ZIP Codes will allow you to geolocate your customers, optimize your delivery routes and segment your marketing campaigns. Forget about incomplete databases. Our file is the most accurate and updated reference on the market. Download our zip code list now and take your business to the next level, surprise your bosses with an excellent geographic analysis!

Continuously updated, province by province, according to the data published by "Correos" through its WMS service.

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