About online shopping: CaixaBank and PayPal

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Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is a system that allows the purchase and sale of products or services through the Internet and other computer networks. Thanks to this system, any person connected to the Internet can purchase these goods and services regardless of their location and 24 hours a day.

DigiAtlas.com offers you the possibility of acquiring 100% editable vector maps in real time, with the main credit or debit cards, using the secure payment gateways of REDSYS and PAYPAL.

These payment methods are perfectly integrated with the DigiAtlas.com Virtual Map Library. This makes it possible to carry out commercial transactions over the Internet by accepting card payments, with the guarantee that the authorisation of these transactions is carried out securely.

As digital maps are not a physical product, they do not require storage (stock) and do not include shipping costs (postage), so the process of purchasing and downloading our products is quick and efficient. Once the payment has been validated by the CaixaBank or PayPal online gateways, the maps are downloaded directly and automatically from the network in a compressed file (.zip).

"PayPal Holdings, Inc. is a global U.S. company that operates an online payment system that supports money transfers between users and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional payment methods such as checks and money orders. PayPal is one of the world's largest online payment companies. The company operates as a payment processor for online merchants, auction sites and other online business users and even physical merchants, for which it charges a commission percentage and fee."(text taken from Wikipedia).

The PayPal system allows you to make purchases with your credit card, but also to pay online without having to enter your credit card number each time you make a purchase. Once you have registered as a member, you can make purchases with your e-mail address only. This company uses a secure server (https) so all transactions are subject to the utmost privacy and security. This service links your e-mail address to a credit card number and makes it the safest and easiest of online payment methods.

Secure payments by PayPal

Redsys is a recognised virtual payment platform that supports credit and debit card payments. It has been operating for more than 35 years as a virtual payment gateway and is a national and international benchmark. It brings together around 60 banks, savings banks and credit institutions, making it the number one. Most Spanish savings banks and banks work with Redsys.

Redsys has created a series of standards and technological-operational solutions for financial institutions and other important industry players in Spain, Europe and Latin America.

DigiAtlas.com incorporates a CaixaBank Virtual POS based on the Redsys system to accept card payments, as well as allowing payment by bank transfer.

Secure payments by CaixaBank