What is a vector format?

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All maps available for download from the DigiAtlas.com website are presented in vector format. The vectorised maps are produced by digitising different cartographic bases and then correcting and updating them. All vectorised information has been organised and grouped into separate layers. Each layer contains a certain type of geographic information, for example: coastline, rivers, lakes, administrative boundaries, towns, capitals, rivers, lakes, parallels and meridians, etc. Up to more than 40 different layers in many maps.

Each layer can be viewed separately, allowing combinations of different layers to create new maps. It is also possible to modify all or part of the content of each layer, without altering the rest of the layers. This allows you to change colours and shapes, as well as add or remove names or other information. DigiAtlas.com maps are prepared to be used in illustration works, in order to improve their appearance and presentation. They can be used as they are or can be easily modified and customised. They are very useful for publishing houses, graphic designers, professional presentations, school work, magazines, computer applications, multimedia, web pages, marketing and all those fields in which the presence of maps enhances and improves the appearance of the work.

It is a good idea to always have at hand the possibility of acquiring an editable map, to save the time and trouble of searching for a map and digitising it, every time it is required for a specific job. To be able to edit the maps it is necessary to have an image processing application. DigiAtlas.com maps are compatible with the most common applications on the market. These are: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, AutoCad y Adobe Photoshop. (*)

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